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Dr. Fletcher is a creative person who really enjoys being in nature, with horses, hiking, listening to music, drawing, painting and other aspects of art. She and her husband are also avid Arizona sports fans. Dr. Fletcher was marveled by the beauty that Arizona had to offer and relocated to the valley from the other side of the country to pursue her doctoral degree in clinical psychology. She is passionate about helping others create the lives they desire and deserve. She believes collaboration, self-care & self-compassion are the necessary tools to heal. When Dr. Fletcher is not working with her clients, she can be found hiking with her husband, spending time with her dogs, traveling and visiting with friends and family, watching sports or reading a good book. Her adult clients often refer to her as "Dr. Fletch" and her adolescent clients as "Dr. A or Dr. Adrian". She is a big proponent of the mantra "One Day at a Time". 

MeeT Dr. Fletcher

​Dr. Adrian Fletcher is a Licensed Psychologist in Scottsdale, Arizona. She has over 15 years of experience working in various roles within the mental health field. She is a private pay practitioner offering individual and couples therapy. She specializes in helping others deal with stress, anxiety, depression, trauma and relationship problems. Her experience has been in treating clients in hospital, community, medical and private practice settings. Dr. Fletcher also has experience in treating Veterans as a former psychology intern for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Dr. Fletcher is an Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Certified therapist and is currently working towards becoming an EMDR Approved Consultant so that she will be able to offer consultation to other mental health therapists seeking EMDR certification. Additionally, Dr. Fletcher's practice is an approved postdoctoral training site with the Arizona Psychology Training Consortium.





"The answers are within you, (even if you can't see them right now) I am simply here to hold the space with empathy, compassion, validation, non-judgment and unconditional positive regard"-Dr. A

 Dr. Adrian Fletcher
​Scottsdale, AZ Therapist
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