Adrian Fletcher, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist
​Certified EMDR Therapist


Dr. Adrian Fletcher
​Scottsdale, AZ Therapist
​8585 East Hartford Dr. Ste 119


(480) 448-5547


The practice has moved to Signature Office Suites located at
8585 East Hartford Dr. Suite 119
​Scottsdale, AZ 85255

RESIDENT: ​Please welcome Dr. Jennifer Holzapfel for an 18 month trauma informed psychology postdoctoral residency. 



Our mission is to help you create your very best self by assisting you in recovering from stress, trauma and difficult emotions or situations.  Those stresses can be caused by excessive anxiety, self-doubt, shame, grief, depression, family conflict, fear or past abuse.  We can be your guide in assisting you in accepting your humanness, creating a healthy lifestyle and boundaries while learning balance, grace, dignity, integrity and self-compassion.

Dr. Fletcher and Psychology Postdoctoral Resident Dr. Jenny Holzapfel are offering teletherapy via videoconferencing as an alternative to in person sessions during this time of COVID-19.